Minx design has sixteen years of delivering  successful interior solutions into the commercial sector before becoming established in 2000, with the main aim to provide ‘good and affordable design'.

It’s a great resource for the business that chooses to outsource their design facility, or for those times when your own design team is at full capacity.Perhaps your an end user looking for an independent design package?

Stephanie is the founder member of Minx design and began her career as an art student at Batley School of Art & Design studying ‘Interior and Exhibition design, before going on to University to study for an MA in Design, New technology & Project Management.

Minx design is proud of its high customer retention; much of its original client base still remains loyal to Minx design today.


When the going gets tough our clients know that they can rely on us to come up with a good result,often to tight deadlines and budgets.

Its not our fancy video or our 99 slide power point, its not what we say, blog or tweet ,but the products of our work alone that makes Minx design a success. Those products being the consistent delivery of good interior solutions that work for both our clients and end users.